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Joshua Johnson

Joshua Johnson

President, Space Continuum


Space Continuum is a specialty interior, commercial furnishings, distribution, technology, and services firm. We provide consultative interior design, space planning, renovation, and installation services. We represent over 75 manufacturer product lines including Herman Miller Knoll Commercial furniture under the commercial brand of Miller Knoll.  Space Continuum is a national MBE/DBE certified firm with NMSDC, DBE Federal Government and hold various other national and local agencies certifications. Performances The firm has executed major commercial furniture contracts with the Cook County Capital Planning Department valued at $4 mil for years 2021 - 2024.SC has executed a nationwide master commercial furniture contract with Exelon valued at $17 mil for years 2022-2022. SC has also executed a Chicago Public Schools Furniture contract to provide commercial children and administrative furnishings for 2021-2025 valued at $14 million dollars.
Technology.  In 2023 SC recognizes the need to change and add to its multiple portfolio of offering and remaining relevant in the marketplace. Knowing  first-hand how time-consuming and frustrating charging your electric vehicles (EV) can be. That’s why — SC is determined to do things differently and Better. Space Continuum is a national distributor of EV Charging Stations for Commercial and Residential. Space Continuum will provide destination infrastructure building services and products for fast, easy, and safe charging to Americans.  Space Continuum “We design workspaces that affect people's lives.”



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